Saturday, April 12, 2014

Isaiah "A Whole New World"

  • This video was taken on 10 April 2014
  • Well played with good control of expression

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stage Selection Vol. 2 (Intermediate to Advanced) (Gr 6-5)

1. The Last Emperor Theme (Gr 6)
2. Bolero (Gr 5)
3. Rydeen (Gr 5)
4. We’re All Alone (Gr 6)
5. Days of Wine & Roses (Gr 5)
Not the book you want? Please read up my other post on "How to order Electone Books from Japan?"

Popular Vol. 66 World Songs 1 (Gr 7-6)

Popular songs from around the world arranged in a variety of genres, e.g. Pop Fusion, Symphonic Orchestra, Big Band and etc.

1. Susanna Pop 'n Adventure (Oh! Susanna)
2. Symphonic Grace (Amazing Grace)
3. Londonderry Show Time (Londonderry Air)
4. Go! Go! Pop Dreamer (Beautiful Dreamer)
5. Greensleeves de 1.2.3. (Greensleeves)
6. Fantastic Home (Home On The Range)
7. Condor @ Pop Fusion (El Condor Pasa)
8. Let’s Swing Cielito Lindo (Cielito Lindo)

Stage Selection Vol. 5 (Intermediate to Advanced) (Gr 6-5)

1. African Symphony (Gr 5)
2. Pachelbel’s Canon in D (Gr 6)
3. Mission Impossible Theme (Gr 5)
4. Spain (Gr 6)
5. Waltz For Derby (Gr 5)

Popular Vol. 68 World Songs 2 (Gr 7-6)

Song from around the world arranged in a variety of genres, eg. Pop Orchestra, Big Band, Bossa Nova and etc.

1. British Toy Symphony (The British Grenadiers)
2. Small Universe Orchestra (Aura Lee)
3. Irish Fair (Scarborough Fair)
4. I Found An Adventure (Pop Goes The Weasel)
5. Cheerful Choir (When The Saints Go Marching In)
6. Morning Glory of England (Blue Bells of Scotland)
7. Troika’s Strange Journey (Troika)
8. Bossa Del Sol ~ Bossa Nova of the Sun (O Sole Mio)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Electone Examination Update - 2014

The choice of Compulsory Pieces for the Electone Performance Grades 10-6 Course-A has been updated, which will be effective from 1st January 2014.

You may download the PDF files HERE.  

For Course-B and other grades please click HERE.