Saturday, May 27, 2017

Yu Fei "What are Words"

  • This video was taken on 26 May 2017.
  • Yamaha Portable Keyboard Course, Level 2.
  • Good job, Yu Fei! Keep it up 👍

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Reader Enquiry 03

Reader C:
Hello Dennis, do you know if there is way to modify the registrations for data bought off

Teacher Dennis
Yes, it can be done, but please note that the song data you purchased is a Protected Data, this is to prevent accidental erasure and for copyright protection.

If u want to edit the protected song, first copy it within one thumb drive and on the same folder as the original song, then edit the copy, this copy is called the protected edit song. Please make sure that the original and the protected edit song exists in the same folder.

The original song has a single key icon next to it and the protected edit song has an icon of double key.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reader Enquiry 02

Reader T: 
Hi Dennis, I refer to your guide in buying Stagea data. 
May I know what do you mean by
"Ensure your 1st batch of downloaded data is moved away into your 1st USB before downloading to the 2nd thumb drive"
Thank you.

Teacher Dennis: 
It is because you can download the data twice, this is to avoid the 1st batch being replaced. The 1st batch goes to the 1st thumb drive and the 2nd batch goes to the 2nd thumb drive. Hope this help.

Reader Enquiry 01

Reader C:
I stumbled upon your electone blog and boy! Was happy to find it. I picked up electone when I was young, stopped but still have my el90 with me. I'm now in my 40s! I will still occasionally play it. Kinda sad to see its popularity declining.
I realised now that the latest model has no floppy disk drive! Was wondering if you know whether there's alternative to modify/install USB instead of buying a new model, in order to play the new books.

Teacher Dennis: 
The short answer to your question is no, there's no way to install a USB drive to the EL model.
We're living in this destructive era, if you look at the telecommunication sector, from fix line, 2G, 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G, Yamaha Electone is not being spared either, the Floppy Disk is a dinasour now, Yamaha has to move along to adapt, henceforth the new model "Stagea".
Please feel free to "Test Drive" the new ELS 02 series at any Yamaha showrooms if possible , you're going to love it.

Reader C:
So sad to hear. Jus recheck my model it's el700 oops. And I was also told they don't accept trade-in any more..Sob sob sob u think any resale value? ;)
Btw Dennis do you teach outside of Yamaha? and besides electone, do you teach piano?

Teacher Dennis: 
Yes! it's very sad and I feel for you, I threw away mine many years back.
Regarding the trade in, it is going to be difficult and may be impossible now, please try to contact the Yamaha's dealer  Mr Anthony Soh at 6312xxxx for assistant, need to cross your fingers, LOL.
I'm currently teaching at Yamaha Plaza Sing and Sengkang branch, Electone only. Please call the respective branch for my available time slots if you're interested.

Buying The Registration Data Latest Update 2017

GREAT NEWS! So so happy ;-)

Just a short update. Recently, one of my student managed to buy the Stagea Registration Data online successfully. You can pay for your purchases using any Singapore issued credit card.

Here you go and this is the URL