Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dheekshaa "Let It Be"

I am very please to see you have worked very hard to practice this song for the pass weeks, keep up the good attitude and please continue to practice regularly. However, as I told you, your expression needs attention.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Isaiah "Let It Go"

  • Let It Go arranged by Isaiah.
  • Drum sequenced by Isaiah.
  • Do you love it? Care to leave a comment?

Javier "An Evening Star"

Let welcome six years old Javier, he is a beginner and learning the JSFC Book 1 with me at Yamaha Plaza Singapura.
Javier made two mistakes at this practice session, a slip on his right hand @ 0:38 and a wrong ending note on his left hand @ 0:45.
On the whole, this was a satisfactory performance and there is room for improvement.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Videos on ELS 02 Series

  • CANON ROCK By 大西麻美.
  • At 4:01 please observe how she control the 2nd pedal to effect the 'Pitch Bend'.
  • At 4:13 controlling the 'Horizontal Touch' to effect the vibrato.

  • Overture By MAX TAKANO.
  • This piece was his own composition.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Vishal "Marching Robots"

Marching Robots from JSFC course, book 1. How do you like his performance? Why not post a comment to encourage him.

Electone Showcase by MAX TAKANO

Come! Join us! Check out the all-new ELS02C and its amazing performing power.

Who is Mr Max Takano? If you don't, you're not an Electone player ;-) He is a very good entertainer, it is not boring to watch his performance and very awesome to watch how he enjoys himself on stage. He is a very good music arranger, watch how he transforms your favourite movie soundtrack into his Electone performance, the voices, the musical instruments chosen, the drums sequence he programmed, it is simply terrific! Don't believe me, come to see it for yourself.

Performer: MAX TAKANO
Venue: Courtyard @ Westgate
Date: 29 June 2014
Time: 2 pm and 5 pm
Admission: Free